We Believe

We Believe

We agree with Hans Christian Andersen  when he says…”to travel is to live”.  WE BELIEVE that to immerse yourself in a culture and “live” the lifestyle where you travel, makes your journey a more enjoyable, enrichening experience.

WE BELIEVE in taking personal  care of each of our guest’s needs and interests to make their time with us, as perfect as possible.  We believe that keeping the numbers of our guests  to between 8 to 12 people,  helps to  ensure an intimate, friendly atmosphere. We  believe that these small numbers give us the freedom to visit real life, everyday italian locations , that are not designed for, or prepared to handle mass  tourism.

WE BELIEVE proposing the weeks with us as “all inclusive”, as shown in “what the week includes”,  lends to a better, more relaxing experience.  Following the itinerary of the week, there are no hidden costs, no add-ons , dividing restaurant bills , looking on maps or calculating mileage,  to be done.   Just kick back, be chauffered around, explore, eat, drink and enjoy the week !

WE BELIEVE  that we have put together a great team…we have got you covered !  We, and all the Marchigiani that collaborate with us, are passionate about good food, wine, art, history and nature.  We know the territory and all the great things it has to offer, first hand !  We are competent in both the italian and english languages, the  “know how “of  navigating in the italian culture, health care  and legal systems.  Our guests can feel confident that we are able to give them aid in any situation.

WE BELIEVE in Le Marche … and the marvels of its land, culture, people  and businesses.  We believe that sharing Le Marche with our guests is a gift of 360 degrees…our guests have a wonderful , authentic experience living a slice of italian “dolce vita”  … our marchigiani friends can  proudly carry on their mission to produce  traditional high quality products and services while remaining true to their ethics of sustainablity while respecting their beliefs in a balanced lifestyle… and we are able to spend our days fulfilling our passions , sharing and enjoying all the treasures that can be found … Under the Marche Moon !!!