Gilberto was born in  Le Marche, in the hilltop renissance city of Urbino. He grew up on the  outskirts of the city, in the country, in a small village of about 250 people. Life was good and simple, in Italy, in the prosperous years of the 60’s and 70’s.

 His father had a mill and a butcher shop, his sister a small grocery store, and his mother was a incredible homemaker and cook.   She kindled Gilberto’s strong passion for delicious, fresh,  traditional foods!


Gilberto’s father Luigi instilled, yet ,another passion in his son … music. He played the accordian and was well known in the area, often performing at local dances and festivals.

Gilberto studied music at the Gioacchino Rossini Music Conservatory in Pesaro, and the Art Institute in Urbino.

After four years of simultaneously attending music school in the afternoon, Gilberto made the choice to concentrate his studies in paper conservation, book restoration , graphics and printing.

He  continued on, however, with his love for all types of music, opening a radio station with his friends.  After completing his schooling , he worked with several different firms  in graphic design and the commerical printing of art books and catalogues.



Julie was born in Philadelphia and raised in a small quaint  town not far from the city.

 The family enjoyed spending their summers at the beach, camping  and travelling up and down the east coast, from Maine to Florida, exploring  historic sites, visiting art and  living museums, artisian workshops and antique fairs. Julie was infused with her parents passion  for art, history, antiques and the thrill of “hunting” for treasures.


She completed her undergraduate studies with a degree in art history and museum studies , these studies, in fact, took her to Urbino in Le Marche, where she met Gilberto on the campus of the University of Urbino in a summer study program in 1983.

They spent  that summer together,  driving around in Le Marche, visiting beaches, townsquares and outside cafès…..Gilberto proudly showed Julie the hidden treasures of his homeland :art, architecture and havens of nature that a tourist would not have easily seen….. they had a wonderful time.

Julie returned to Urbino the following summer and decided to continue her studies as a graduate fellow in Florence. The voyage back and forth, between Italy and the States, was frequent and the tract between Florence and Urbino became well travelled .

Finally in 1988 Gilberto and Julie  decided to marry.  They made their home in the countryside of Urbino.  Julie completed a program in art restoration and after a few years of apprenticeship, opened her own business.

jg 1987

In recent years several cooking vacation operators have asked for the couple’s advice and collaboration.  Gilberto and Julie accepted  these requests and enjoyed the experiences of organizing and accompanying travellers.

They felt a sense of satisfaction in sharing their knowledge , experience  and language skills with the people who visited Le Marche.

They have decided to take on this new venture, to offer their hospitality services to visitors in Le Marche,  on their own.  They have chosen to lodge their visitors in a beautiful area, amidst  green rolling hills , 25 minutes to the beaches and 25 minutes to the cool blue mountain range.

It is a strategic location,  in a “hub” position, close to many beautiful and import cities and towns.  They have singled out a fantastic accomodations for their guests, full of history, mystery and italian flavor… They have done all the research and footwork necessary to ensure a pleasurable and hassle free visit in Le Marche.

They’d be happy,  to help you  live,explore,learn and enjoy yourself  in Le Marche….making you feel at home!

“When I first came to Italy I  lived  in Florence  for some time, studying ,working, and travelling  “Under the  Tuscan Sun” .   I was pleasurably blinded by the bold glare of  offerings  aimed at foreign visitors. I gobbled up every available aspect of Florentine  lifestyle and adored it … then I began to travel with Gilberto, over the mountains on the Adriatic coast, to explore his homeland of Le Marche.
As I was introduced to the Marchigiani people, their land and way of life, a whole new experience unfolded before me.  I began to understand and  to savor a different, more understated lifestyle, their flavorful foods, wines, traditions and culture. Everything the Marchigiani did was aimed to please their family, neighbors and other italians, taking pride in it.
I fell in love with the real “dolce vita”,sweet life, that was  found far from the hustle and bustle of the well beaten tourist track.
We soon made the decision to begin a new life together, choosing to continue to live “la dolce vita”, in Le Marche… basking in a more subtle glow ….”Under the Marche Moon” !  We are proud to carry on the Marchigiani traditons and we’d love to share a slice of this lifestyle with you !”


  “I am proud to be from Le Marche, it is a land rich with art, music , history, great food and wine … Julie and I would be glad to show you the “dolce vita” here in Le Marche …and maybe you’d like to learn a little italian, too !”