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Under The Marche Moon

Le Marche is a region in Italy nestled between the the rugged Appennini mountains and the Adriatic sea. Between the two lies a tapestry of flowered valleys and undulating verdant countryside. The hilltops are crowned with charming ancient walled cities. The coastline is punctuated with beaches, cliffs and somnolent fishing villages.

Le Marche is on the same latitude as much of Tuscany and Umbria but is cut off from western Italy geographically and therefore buffered from throngs of mass tourism.  In Le Marche, off the beaten track,  it is still possible to immerse yourself in authentic italian real life experiences and to embrace their “ dolce vita”  sweet life …. come to Le Marche to

LIVE the lifestyle, EXPLORE its hidden treasuresLEARN about artisan products and specialty foodsENJOY  yourself in the relaxing atmosphere with fantastic food, wine and beautiful surroundings   …

Let us help you live these experiencs … BE OUR GUEST and take advantage of our thirty years of experience having lived here, and hunted for the most amazing places, talented artisans, best restaurants, markets, historical sites, exhibitions and events that the region has to offer … Come JOIN US … we’d love to share these treasures with you, as we have always done, for family, friends and small groups, who have come to visit us here in Le Marche!



the lifestyle

sip a leisurely midmorning cappuccino while reading your horoscope for the day… breathe the sweet scent of flower filled cobblestone streets …
admire the endurance of proud silverleaved olive groves blanketing the rolling hills of the countryside … meander through an open market, where local farmers display their “just picked” seasonal produce in large baskets … refresh yourself floating in the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea …
listen and delight in the sounds of live performances, from renaissance music and Rossini, to contemporary jazz …
dine “al fresco” in a balmy vineyard under the stars…contemplate the melodic silence found in a remote mountain monastery … take a little “catnap” whenever and wherever you like …


pace, places, culture




Hidden treasures

explore charming hill top towns , ducal palaces , fortresses , and churches with an “insider” who has worked within their walls for 25 years … discover art from Roman ruins and mosaics , affrescoed medieval cloisters , swirling baroque stucco ceilings and tender devotional Madonnas, to the works of Botticelli , Piero della Francesca , Titian and Raphael … delve into stories passed down through the centuries … Dante’s starcrossed lovers Paolo and Francesca … adventures of a real “renaissance” man Duke Federico da Montefeltro … tales of the treacherous Lucrezia Borgia … courtly conversations from Baldassare Castiglione’s classic “The Courtier”… the mystery of the true identity of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s passion for casciotta cheese from Urbino … inhale the brisk sea air, high on the cliffs along the Adriatic coastline … wade in a stream to a secluded mountain pond with a waterfall … hike through awesome natural gorges and wooded reserves … watch as fields of red poppies do a little dance as a light breeze passes by …

history, art, nature


about artisan products and specialty foods

stroll  through a local vineyard  listening to the proprietor passionately  explain the wine making process, then proudly offering  a glass of  his “magic nectar” for you to taste … marvel at the jewel like colors  and craftmanship of the ceramic artisans in the old world’s “capital of Majolica” Casteldurante … visit with a cheese artisan, who will rattle off the list of names of her goats for you , as she collects the milk for the day’s batch of ricotta cheese  or the village butcher as he explains the way he cures his delicious prosciutto, salame and meats with traditional herbs , spices and time … “pull up” your very own terracotta pot under the guidance of a master potter  … forage for wild aspargus and aromatic herbs or hunt for truffles , the inebriating “food of the gods” … acquire the tasting “savvy” to decipher between a good and great olive oil … absorb the basics of the italian language or perfect your skills by practicing with the natives … prepare  fantastic italian multi course meals from start to finish …




their origins ...
how they are produced





Enjoy an espresso sitting in a small town piazza where the only english you hear is your own … roam around a hill-top town windowshopping and compare several hand dipped gelati along the way … at the end of the day’s journey , return to a real italian home, lounge in the garden, indulge in the “spoils” of the day’s outing … rejoice in the italian lifestyle…..wine, dine and relax and maybe even dance … to your own favorite tunes … Under the Marche Moon !!!

eat, drink, relax

and feel

at home

Benvenuti… Welcome… come stay in carefully selected beautiful italian country homes, surrounded by  lush green grounds, minutes from picturesque towns and villages,  just a short trip to beaches and mountains. These properties boast wooden beamed ceilings, terracotta floors, huge stone fireplaces, intriguing niches and antique architectural elements, sunny windows with breathtaking views.  Curl up with a glass of wine and a book in front of the fireplace in the living room, have your morning cappuccino in the garden soaking up the warm sun, imagine the long wooden tables laden with fresh local harvested fruits and vegetables and fantastic regional food delights … enjoy the silence echoing in the halls and the  sweet rustling of the leaves in the breeze …. rest, relax, rejoice in the “dolce vita” ….  feel at home




Life in

le Marche

There is a deep bond between the people of  Le Marche and their land. They rarely move away from the region. The Marchigiani have a strong sense of customs and culture.They are focused on tradition and do not slavishly follow trends. They are firmly rooted in the past while still steadily growing towards the future. Their reluctance of “globalizing” has often been at the expense of “change”, but this lends to discovering a unique and different character in every town or village.

 The Marchigiani pride themselves as craftsmens and artisans, often carrying on small enterprises where you find three generations of proprietors still actively collaborating in the business.  The sense of community is strong and most inhabitants shop locally and focus on self-sufficiency and the provenance of foods. In fact, if you go into a butchers, they will often be able to tell you where and when the animal was slaughtered and on which farm it was reared. The Marchigiani uphold their high values for family, friends, good health hard work, wholesome food and fine wine…

and for this reason they have the highest population in Italy of inhabitants over 100 years of age…

 The Marchigiani strive for a balanced lifestyle which promotes peace and harmony that gives them a certain spirituality and allows them to tranquilly continue their “dolce vita”, which they are happy to share with a new visitor … like you

Weeks with us


with us

We’ve researched, we’ve considered, we’ve tried, sipped and tasted … we’ve decided to offer these experiences for you to
LIVE, EXPLORE, LEARN and ENJOY yourself Under the Marche Moon


Impressions & Hosts

Thoughts and impressions

I listen to the cd you gave me in the car each day and ... I'm transported back to Italy in a moment!
just want to thank you again for the most wonderful week in Italy ! You both made it so special with your care taking,
sights, beautiful lodging, disco party, choice of lunch spots, and all the things you did to make it a real
memory for all of us... hope our paths cross in Italy or California!
7 - 14 September 2015

Cari Gibo e Julie,
Mille grazie ("mahalo") per tutti i divertimenti, cultural education e history.
We will dream about Italia and hope to return soon.
Please stay healthy. Tanti Auguri.
Abbracci e Baci ("XOXO")
Marcia & Ruth
7 - 14 September 2015



we've had

New faces, new places, new experiences, living, exploring, learning, enjoying, caring, sharing together …




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